Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We work to intentionally capture each of these 10 Key Areas to develop a Diversity and Equity lens through our Auditing and Mapping Analysis and implementation process. Each are crucial aspects of an inclusive organizational climate.

  • Mental Health & Well being 

  • Relationship Resilience 

  • Fairness and Equitable practices 

  • Transparency and communication 

  • Historical Context and Systematic dismantling of Racism with data

  • Lived experiences

  • Diverse perspectives 

  • Leadership Influence 

  • Organizational Values 

  • Trans formative Culture and climate & Cultural Carriers

OUR APPROACH: Assess-Act-Observe-Reflect & Refine

 From Here to There Phase 1  - (Understanding where you are)- We engage in an extensive body of research on organizational and social psychology, emotional intelligence, survey design, inter-group relations, conflict and collaboration, retention and recruitment and mental well-being. Information gathered through our interviews and assessments yield meaningful feedback and comprehensive data insights that are then translated into a plan of action.

From There to Here Phase 2 - and beyond (Understanding where you need to go and how to get there) We understand that change requires more than just data insights. Organizations need actionable recommendations that will guide them on their journey to full inclusion. Our work is designed to give you the tools and skills necessary to create real and lasting change. We help you identify the core factors that are impacting your ability to advance your mission, inspire your colleagues, and grow your organization. Using what we learn about your organization, we develop a comprehensive road map to guide you in your journey with specific actionable evidence based steps and provide support for that.

Ongoing Educational & Consulting Services Phase 3:  This work is extremely heavy and it is a learning and growing process. Gifted By Design provides ongoing mental health and wellness education, Training and Development and Consulting Services to support the work and implementation of building a healthy community within your organizations culture and climate. 

Key Features of our customized approached:

  • Customized Approach -  Based on our 3 buckets of approach Plans are fully customizable and surveys are accessed on a user-friendly and secure interface.

  • Organizational Insight - Expert analysis of your current organizational climate, strengths, and barriers to change supported by quantitative and qualitative data.

  • Strategic Road map - Gain insights and data for strategic decision making and guide your next steps to understand your most critical action areas.