What is Gifted By Design vision?

Gifted By Design Leadership & Consulting is a forward thinking personal and professional development consulting firm. We develop equitable growth strategies by connecting, consulting, & coaching leadership practices that are designed to empower Communities, Businesses, Non-profits, for both adults and youth.

What is coaching?
We help clients identify and articulate their gifts/skills/talents, motivations and desires, develop strategies to overcome roadblocks, and help them step outside of their comfort zones to grow and reach their full potential. At its core, coaching answers the “what do you want?” and “what stops you?” questions, and trains you use your build the confidence and influence in full capacity.


​How can coaching help me?
A supportive coaching structure like the one we provide helps you gain new perspective on both your business and personal life and creates desired results through improved behavior and performance. Additionally, we assist clients to establish a mindset of success and help them to navigate to them to significance and influence.

​Why do people hire and work with coaches?
Often people do not recognize their potential and how to use it for the benefit of themselves and others.  People are looking for accountability, support and structure to achieve their goals, as well as to be held responsible for specific actions. Our goal is help you to build upon your giftedness.

​Can't I just coach myself?
Maybe. Our mindset is what got you from “here to there, won’t get you from here to there. If it would you would be there already. However, A few people have the ability to motivate and course correct themselves on their goals. But for the rest, working with a coach helps them reach a higher level of achievement.

​What's the difference between coaching and consulting?
Coaches provide support and help others decide what options to consider and what solutions are appropriate. Consultants typically tell you what to do based on your situation and generally are experts in the field of study and garner any experience they may have. Luckily, Gifted By Design are growth coaches and consultants! 

Does it mean I'm personally inadequate if I hire a coach?
Absolutely not! Working with a coach means you've decided to succeed intentionally. Do not allow limited beliefs to defeat you before even getting started. We’ll provide leadership that compels, challenges and inspires you to be better.

​Is coaching expensive?
Coaching is an investment — in yourself. And you're the best investment you can make.

​How much time will this take?
Your level of commitment will equal your level of success. The price is simply the time needed to do what's necessary to improve. Many people like having the regular weekly or monthly sessions others simply want the coach on retainer as part of their team.

​How long is a coaching session?
Sessions are 1 hour. Between sessions, you're encouraged to keep in touch via email, letting me know of your progress, sharing successes and asking any questions you have.

What does a coach really do?
A coach helps you see a bigger picture and understand the steps it will take to create this picture, and assists you in making tough decisions. You will have the confidence and support to handle situations and problems that have kept you from achieving business and personal dreams. Coaches also:

  • Helps you create a strong foundation

  • Help organize your thoughts

  • Assist with forming a plan

  • Collaborate with you on ideas

  • Hold you accountable

A coach helps you connect your giftedness to your life while you are moving from success to significance.

What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching clients benefit from the peer learning with others, commonly referred to as the collective wisdom of the group. This peer learning is often as important as the interaction with the coach.

What are the benefits of Group Coaching?

Group coaching is a powerful way to leverage time and resources, enabling Organizations to empower more employees over less time, potentially at a lower price point per person. Also Another Group coaching benefit, many clients find the process "less on the spot", giving them more time to reflect and integrate their insights.