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The GBD Story

Lettie founded Gifted By Design Leadership and consulting after spending many years discovering her purpose, passion and GIFTED Design to help grow people and organizations. 


After being embraced and empowered by leaders and communities across the nation it was realized that our original purpose was narrowly focused on consulting. Realizing, people and leaders needed the additional skills training, business practices, emotional intelligence development, and empowerment to disrupt systems in order to provide equitable opportunities and sustainable solutions for all people to succeed and reach their full potential.

We’re inspired by the community! A community of resilient people, go-getters, future leaders, innovators, and dreamers. Our coaching, consulting and workshop programs are designed to embody that very same community. Above all else, we will empower the community with the dream of enlivening our ultimate Mission: to inspire them to live their life to the fullest potential and GIFTED Design!

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